Maserati Car For Kids

Maserati Car For KidsThis isn´t so much a funny thing to buy……but it is a FUN thing to buy, and surprisingly cheap. Not a single kid in the world would not be delighted with this beauty.

Just pop your little angel in the car and you move it around by remote control. The doors open, close and lock. The horn works, and the dashboard lights up, it has disco lights and music and a working seatbelt. You can even open and store things in the boot.

It comes with a rechargeable battery and charger and is available in various colours, even pink for the little ladies and dammit i really want to be a kid again.

Check out the price, we think you´ll be surprised.

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Fish Head Mask

Fish Head MaskLook like your head is a fish head with a fish head mask….for those who´d like to see what they would look like if they´re head was the head of a fish instead of the head of a human….. or something like that…it´s pretty funny too.


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Smoke Grenade

Smoke GrenadeThese are mostly used for Airsoft and paintball type stuff but can often be spotted at Italian football matches and used for general public disorder shenanigans….not that we would condone any of those things. Enola Gay Smoke Grenades are generally regarded as the best in the business and come in 7 different colours.

Smoke GrenadeWe´re not going to ask  about the questionable decision to name their company after the plane which dropped the first A-Bomb on Hiroshima and instead we´ll take a look at the pretty colours.

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Prank Magnetic Bumper Stickers

Prank Magnetic Bumper StickersMore cheap fun to be had at the expense of your friends with prank magnetic bumper stickers. Just attach to the car and remove easily when the joke has run its course.

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Dog Selfie Ball Attachment

Dog Selfie Ball AttachmentGot a dog? Can’t get the little bugger to look at the camera while you take a decent picture? PROBLEM SOLVED!

This ball sits right on top of your phone and your canine buddy won’t take his eyes off the prize for a second. Before you can say WOOF you’ve got an awesome picture of your drooling four legged pal. Thank us later!

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Fanny / Face Soap

The Fanny / Face Soap BarNothing points out the difference between Britain and America quite like the word “Fanny”. But whatever body part Fanny means to you, it should be kept clean, right?

So hear it is ladies and gents……The Fanny / Face Soap Bar, never again wash your face with the same side of the soap bar you´ve just used to wash your fanny, whatever that is.

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Air Drumsticks

Air DrumsticksBe the rockstar you always knew you could be with a set of Air Drumsticks. Play amazing drum solo´s or play along to whatever tunes are on at the moment by simply waving these beat synths around like a nutter. They make cymbal and snare drum sounds and if you´re still not sold they look totally cool in the dark because the tips light up!

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Magic Chain Wine Bottle Holder

The Magic Chain Wine Bottle HolderThe Magic Chain Wine Bottle Holder gives the appearance of levitating booze when in reality the links of the chain are welded together to form a sturdy structure. It looks incredibly cool and we need to get one.

Put it on the table at a dinner party to get the conversation going or give it to a friend as the perfect novelty gift.

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