Feisty Pets Toys

If you haven´t seen The Feisty Pets Toys, you´re in for a treat. They´re probably not suitable for the very small children in your family, but teenagers love them, adults love them, hell, i love them and i´m far from being a teen. They´re going down a storm at Funny Stuff HQ where we brought in a few to investigate the phenomenon.

These little monsters are taking over the world this christmas and YOU NEED at least one in your house on christmas day. Cute kittens, cuddly bears, lovely lions….there are loads of them and they´re all fearsomely awesome. Just a gentle squeeze on the back of the head and your delightfully adorable pet turns into a rabid beast…..there´s a lot of fun to be had with these creatures and quite a few to collect.

This year, without doubt, the best christmas or birthday gift for teenagers or young at heart adults.

Funny Stuff To Buy Feisty Pets

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Check Them out on You Tube Here!

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Rude And Offensive Doormats

Are you anti-social? Don´t want people coming round? Get your message across right from the start with a Rude and Offensive Doormat!

These “Unwelcome Mats” will get the point over to unwanted visitors before they even knock on the door and act as an excellent front line housecaller repellant. Get your message through to even the most stubborn and determined jehovah’s witnesses…”LEAVE THIS HOUSE AND NEVER DARKEN OUR DOORSTEP AGAIN!”

We´ve been thinking about writing this section for quite a while, but wanted to find the best tools for this task of retaining your self imposed solitude. If you find any better doormats for this purpose out there, be sure to let us know, it´s never too late to add to our collection.

SO…let´s get the ball rolling, we´ll start off with a polite warning, a gentle “GO AWAY” message to unwanted foreigners….foreigners in this case being anybody who doesn´t live in your house.

Buy it from UK  or  Buy it from USA
Go Away DoormatToo Polite? Want something more direct? No problem, we present the short and sweet and very much to the point…”LEAVE DOORMAT”.

Buy it from UK  or  Buy it from USA

"LEAVE" DoormatStill not working for you? Let´s try a different tactic….this doormat will discourage Jehovah´s Witnesses  and some cold callers while encouraging friends to ring that doorbell. Welcome Motherfucker!

Buy it from UK  or  Buy it from USAWelcome Motherfucker Doormat











You´re still reading huh? Guess we haven´t hit the right doormat for you yet. Well, don´t despair, here it is….the be all and end all, the piece de resistance of offensive doormats. Make your point and your dislike of all potential visitors loud and clear…….FUCK OFF!

There are a few of these, so we´ve narrowed it down to the best three.

The classic.

Buy it from UK  or  Buy it from USA

Classic Fuck Off DoormatThe Finger

Buy it from UK  or  Buy it from USA

The Finger Fuck Off Doormat










The Good Old Fashioned Fuck Off Doormat

Buy it from USA

The Good Old Fashioned Fuck Off Doormat










There it is…the best collection of naughty doormats you´re ever likely to see on the internet. We hope you´ve found what you´re looking for and as always feel free to leave us a comment. Until next time dudes!

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Upside Down Wine Glasses

Dare to be different by drinking your vino from Upside Down Wine Glasses.

“Quirky but cool” is the opinion at Funny Stuff HQ. Holding one of these in your hand gives the illusion that your wine is suspended in mid air and may cause panic to drunken people in your view.

Upside Down Wine Glass
Mystify drunken friends with you powers of boozy magic.

I can only speak for myself on this, but there would be a 90% chance of me getting totalled and forgetting which way up the glass was supposed to be, ending in a wine on floor error, so i guess what i´m trying to say is, stay switched on when using this, the dangers are there for everybody to see. All completely worth it though, to see the most drunken guy or girl in the room attempt to figure out what´s wrong with this picture.

Wouldn´t it be great to have 300 of these at a wedding, put your feet up, sit back and watch the carnage unfold?

Get it from Amazon UK

Get it from Amazon US

If you like this, also take a look at our Tipsy Wine Glasses or Magic Chain Wine Bottle Holder or Wine Bottle Glass.

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Offensive Christmas Cards And Gifts And Stuff

We do like to get the word “Offensive” in whenever and wherever we can at Funnystufftobuy.com, you may have noticed? Well, christmas is coming and whether you love it or hate it, it´s a fantastic opportunity to offend the ones you love, and errr, the ones you don´t love as much as you´re maybe supposed to. And so, in the hope of spreading some christmas cheer (and we like to think) maybe a seasonal giggle or two, we proudly present our latest feature…..

Offensive Christmas Cards And Gifts…    And Stuff!

Offensive Christmas Cards

Let´s get started with cards, shall we? I mean, cards go out weeks before gifts, so it makes sense we start there, right? Ok, Feast your eyes on this collection of festive filth. We´re showing the full “8 Pack” here, but cards can be bought in 4´s or even seperately if you only have one friend.

Just click on the pictures to go directly to the site we discovered these “christmas crackers” on.

8 Pack Rude Christmas Cards
That´s 8 people offended already!











Words cannot describe my love for these cards and i only hope i have friends who love/hate me enough to send them to me.

Ok, thats covered the first part of the christmas ritual, we´ve insulted our friends (and enemies) with days or even weeks to go, but now we need ideas for presents to hammer home our message of bad tidings on christmas day. This means it´s time for…..


Let´s assume you´ve done the right thing and bought a “Proper” gift for the loved one in question, stocking fillers are the way forward now. It´s kind of like a sneak attack. The victim has unwrapped his or her Ipad or Ferrari (we don´t know your budget) and you´ve been well and truly forgiven for the card you gave them previously, now it´s all about those little extras…..

Perhaps a Teddy Bear? Bit of a bargain at £1195 

Happy Christmas Teddy Bear
Delightful Xmas Teddy Bear!











Or maybe he or she is a tea or coffee lover, in which case may we suggest one of these festive drinking vessels? Only £695 each.

Rude- Olph MugYou´re Not Naughty Or Nice MugSanta Says You´re A CuntHappy Christmas MugNot loving bears or mugs…..no problem, here´s an absolute game changer….CHOCOLATE!…..That´s right, Offensive Chocolate!

Cunt Bar Chocolate
Say It With Chocolate!



Is there a better way to piss somebody off without them being upset about it? If there is, we don´t know about it. At £2.95 these won´t break the bank and should cause merriment to the lucky recipient and the more you buy, the cheaper they get so you can probably afford to make the whole family chuckle on christmas morning.

Well, that´s all we have for you for the moment, we´d appreciate a share if you like what you see, hell, we´ll take a share even if you don´t like what you see, we´re not fussy.

Feel free to leave us a comment if you can, feedback is always a good thing.

Merry Christmas Funny Stuffers!

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Huge Giant Oversized Coffee Mug

It´s a coffee mug, it´s Huge, It´s Giant, It´s massively oversized…..It´s FUCKING AWESOME!

Cut your coffee intake down to one cup a day, ask any doctor and he will tell you that´s good news. Just don´t tell the doc that the cup you have is a massive 64 ounces, or 4 Pints, or 1.89 Litres of lovely hot wake up juice. Stay wide awake and get shit done with this gargantuan drinking vessel.

Huge Giant Oversized Coffee Mug
Get Shit Done Fast











It´s a fantastic gift for christmas, birthdays or just a fun surprise for the caffeine addict in your life.

Click on either link below to find out how cheap you can get your hands on one of these, but when you do get hold of it, for gods sake don´t drop it or you´ll flood the whole house!


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Werewolf Dog Muzzle

Werewolf Dog Muzzle

Halloween is coming, and your dog shouldn´t be left out of the fun, and even if it´s not halloween…..why not scare the living shit out of the mailman or house guests, right?

Werewolf Dog MuzzleEasily turn your pooch into a devil dog by using this simple and quick to put on muzzle of the canine damned…..now all i need is a dog.


Available from Amazon Uk or Amazon.com Just click on the appropriate link for you below to get the current price.


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Offensive Chocolate Bars

Offensive Chocolate Bars…..Brilliant gifts and guaranteed to force a chuckle out of just about anybody. It´s makers claim “It’s so good, you’ll swear by it!” and they´re available in Milk, Dark, or white chocolate.

Available in packs of 1, 3 or 5.

Just click on the picture below to go straight to the site where you can check out the price.

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Offensive Chocolate Bars
May Contain Nuts




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Tipsy Wine Glasses

Tipsy Wine GlassesTipsy Wine Glasses are fun to have on your table, they look like they´re about to fall over and as you get more and more drunk, they look more and more unstable.

An ideal gift for the slightly drunken lady in your life, and they come in packs of two which makes them great value.

TIP…..they´re cheaper to buy from the USA link.

Get Them From The UK

Get Them From The USA

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The Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

The Nose Shower Gel Dispenser
The Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

It´s gross, but that´s what makes it funny. The Nose Shower Gel Dispenser has 3 suction cups on the back which easily keep the nose attached to tiled walls in the bathroom. Just press the nose and the snot….i mean, soap…..comes out of the nostril.

It´s very easy to refil by unscrewing and replacing the cap at the back.

Just maybe it might make my little boy a bit happier to get in the bath!

Get it from The UK

Or from The USA

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