Feisty Pets Toys

If you haven´t seen The Feisty Pets Toys, you´re in for a treat. They´re probably not suitable for the very small children in your family, but teenagers love them, adults love them, hell, i love them and i´m far from being a teen. They´re going down a storm at Funny Stuff HQ where we brought in a few to investigate the phenomenon.

These little monsters are taking over the world this christmas and YOU NEED at least one in your house on christmas day. Cute kittens, cuddly bears, lovely lions….there are loads of them and they´re all fearsomely awesome. Just a gentle squeeze on the back of the head and your delightfully adorable pet turns into a rabid beast…..there´s a lot of fun to be had with these creatures and quite a few to collect.

This year, without doubt, the best christmas or birthday gift for teenagers or young at heart adults.

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