ifetch Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

ifetch Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

ifetch machine

You may have seen this (or similar) pooch toys around and about on the net recently. There are a few brands with variations on the same theme battling it out for superiority, but head and shoulders above the rest has emerged the ifetch.

There are two ifetch machines to choose from depending on the size of your dog. The ifetch is for the smaller dog and the ifetch Too is for the larger dog the only real difference between the two being the size of the ball, Bigger dog, bigger ball. The Ifetch Too launches a standard sized tennis ball while the ifetch uses a smaller 1.5-inch ball.

ifetch too

Whichever you choose it will come with three balls and after a few demonstrations of how it works, your dog will learn that when he or she drops the ball into the ifetch machine the ball will be launched…..and retrieved….and launched….and retrieved…..seriously, the dog will do this every day, for hours, while you put in absolutely no effort….Best invention ever!

Check out the Youtube video HERE!

Where can i buy ifetch?

Glad you asked……You can make your dog happy by clicking Here For USA or Here For UK.

You´re gonna have a lot of fun with this because we all know that happy dogs are hilarious.

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18 thoughts on “ifetch Automatic Dog Ball Launcher”

  1. I think it’s a good idea, and I’m sure that dogs love it.

    To some extent, I don’t see the point of having a dog and not spending time to play fetch with it – but I suppose that it would be handy when you’re not home. Your dog can amuse itself for ages on its own and it won’t get bored.

  2. I had no idea these existed. I do agree that spending time is by far better but this would be entertaining! Thanks for clearing up the differences between the two. The video was also very helpful. I look forward to checking out some of your other posts.

  3. The iFetch Automatic Dog Ball Launcher is so brilliant I wish I had thought of it. Why didn’t my dog tell me this is what he wanted?

    Exercising my labs is fun for the first 15 minutes or so, but then the repetition begins to bore me to tears and I think about all the other things I should be doing. This launcher saves the and wears my pups out good too.

  4. I’m so happy I came across your site! For sure this automatic dog ball launcher is kind of funny, but I think it could be so much fun for my dog. I like how the dog in the picture is just waiting and wondering when the ball is going to be launched. This could provide hours of entertainment. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi,

    I love your website. You offer a lot of fun stuff. I love this iFetch ball launcher. I think this is a great toy for dogs and cats too. I also have a cat that fetches. This would be lots of fun to watch your pets play with this ball launcher.

    Thanks for sharing…I am bookmarking your site and come back to see what else you will post.

  6. Hey, funny or not, this really is a great idea! I’ve never seen a product like this offered before and I think it will be perfect for my dogs. I love the fact that they have a model specifically for small dogs. I have 2 Shelties who would play fetch until my arm falls off. It’s great until it becomes exhausting:) This will handle the repetition nicely. I don’t like shutting them down but at times I just have to. Thanks for the info!

  7. Hi , what a good idea, i have a springer spaniel she loves playing with footballs, tennis balls, bouncy balls, she would make a great goalkeeper.
    The ifetch launcher would be great for her as it can get a bit much sometimes cause all she ever wants you to do is throw a ball.
    Loved the you tube video, do you know if it takes single batteries or one large battery that you charge up?.
    Thank you for showing and introducing me to this interesting gadget my dog is going to love it:)

  8. This is such a great product. As an owner myself, I can see how this toy help improve activity and agility of our pet dog especially for the young ones when they need a lot of exercise.

    Most dogs chase/fetch naturally so I think the challenging part is to teach them how to place the ball into the funnel. Question – Is it battery/electric operated? Thanks for introducing me to this.

  9. What a fantastic bit of kit this iFetch automatic ball launcher is.

    We used to have a sheltie dog and she would play with a ball all day long. Throw the ball and she’d fetch it and bring it back to your feet, never got bored and tired of this game throughout her life. Ha!

    She was very bright too and she’d pick up the method of dropping the ball into the launch pad in no time.
    I think the larger iFtech would have suited her fine as a tennis ball was her usual play ball as well as a football, great dribbler.

    Superb invention, would have been right up her street,

  10. Hi, I like your website. There are some good stuff as your mentioned dog ball launcher.
    Dogs can be pretty bored when owners are at work. They can make damage to furniture or take care of new shoes. Of course dogs are busy creatures. They need to move.
    This dog ball laucher will keep our friendly and furry companions busy and in good mood.
    Thanks for great idea, all the best, Nemira.

  11. Brilliant! What a great product!

    I am looking for a present for my sister and she has a dog that seem to NEVER run out of energy, any time we are outside he want to play catch.

    Its fun for a while but our interest in the game runs out LONG before his does lol Being able to let him play away by himself while we enjoy the garden without being pestered to play fetch sounds like a fantastic idea to me.

    So that her birthday present sorted.

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