Offensive Mugs

Sorry, I Don´t Speak CuntoneseThis week at Funny Stuff HQ we´ve been checking out these Offensive Mugs. They´re great gifts for people with a sense of humour, and even better gifts for people without a sense of humour as this way you can maximise the offensiveness.

There are twenty five extremely funny mugs in the I Don´t Like Monday Morningscollection and all have one thing in common, the rudest of all four letter words. For this reason we recommend that you don´t bring them to work unless your workplace has a very relaxed atmosphere.

We´ve posted a few examples, but to check out the I Am A Cuntfull collection Click Here!

While you´re there we´d suggest having a quick look around the rest of the site as they have some great greetings cards, key rings and fridge magnets too!


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