Offensive Chocolate Bars

Offensive Chocolate Bars…..Brilliant gifts and guaranteed to force a chuckle out of just about anybody. It´s makers claim “It’s so good, you’ll swear by it!” and they´re available in Milk, Dark, or white chocolate.

Available in packs of 1, 3 or 5.

Just click on the picture below to go straight to the site where you can check out the price.

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Offensive Chocolate Bars
May Contain Nuts




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Tipsy Wine Glasses

Tipsy Wine GlassesTipsy Wine Glasses are fun to have on your table, they look like they´re about to fall over and as you get more and more drunk, they look more and more unstable.

An ideal gift for the slightly drunken lady in your life, and they come in packs of two which makes them great value.

TIP…..they´re cheaper to buy from the USA link.

Get Them From The UK

Get Them From The USA

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The Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

The Nose Shower Gel Dispenser
The Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

It´s gross, but that´s what makes it funny. The Nose Shower Gel Dispenser has 3 suction cups on the back which easily keep the nose attached to tiled walls in the bathroom. Just press the nose and the snot….i mean, soap…..comes out of the nostril.

It´s very easy to refil by unscrewing and replacing the cap at the back.

Just maybe it might make my little boy a bit happier to get in the bath!

Get it from The UK

Or from The USA

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Emergency Moustache Kit

It´s happened to all of us at some point, you get showered and dressed, a quick spray of something to make you smell nice and you go out, only to realise when you´re in the bar that you´ve forgotten your moustache!

Emergency Moustache Kit
Emergency Moustache Kit

The Emergency Moustache Kit can save the day with a choice of 6 individually wrapped facial hair pieces. The styles include classics such as traditional gent, cowboy, rusty brush, italian plumber, oil baron and abra-kadabra.

Use them yourself or share them around the boys and girls on a moustache themed night out. Good cheap fun!

Get them form The UK Here

Or From The USA Here

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Farting Money Box

The Farting Money Box…….

Farting Money Box
It Does Bottom Burps!

My little boy is two years old now, but he first laughed out loud at a fart noise when he was about six months, and he still does now. I know he´ll never grow out of it, because his dad still laughs at fart sounds, and so does his grandad. The fact that fart noises never get old means that the fart money box will retain its fascination over a long period and hopefully this means more savings….and laughs.

Just insert a coin into the bum crack and enjoy the hilarity of the sound of turbulence without the odour! Oh, and it´s really cheap. Batteries Included.

Find out how cheap by clicking on one of these…..United Kingdom or United States

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Star Wars Pillow Cases

Star Wars Pillow CasesIt´s one of those things, nobody really needs Star Wars Pillow Cases…..but once you´ve seen them….you kind of have to have them. or maybe that´s just me. All i know is i saw them….i ordered them….and in two to six weeks they will be mine and my life will be better because of that. These are very cool pillow cases and if i had a girlfriend, she´d love hers.


You can order yours here!

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Offensive Mugs

Sorry, I Don´t Speak CuntoneseThis week at Funny Stuff HQ we´ve been checking out these Offensive Mugs. They´re great gifts for people with a sense of humour, and even better gifts for people without a sense of humour as this way you can maximise the offensiveness.

There are twenty five extremely funny mugs in the I Don´t Like Monday Morningscollection and all have one thing in common, the rudest of all four letter words. For this reason we recommend that you don´t bring them to work unless your workplace has a very relaxed atmosphere.

We´ve posted a few examples, but to check out the I Am A Cuntfull collection Click Here!

While you´re there we´d suggest having a quick look around the rest of the site as they have some great greetings cards, key rings and fridge magnets too!


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Maserati Car For Kids

Maserati Car For KidsThis isn´t so much a funny thing to buy……but it is a FUN thing to buy, and surprisingly cheap. Not a single kid in the world would not be delighted with this beauty.

Just pop your little angel in the car and you move it around by remote control. The doors open, close and lock. The horn works, and the dashboard lights up, it has disco lights and music and a working seatbelt. You can even open and store things in the boot.

It comes with a rechargeable battery and charger and is available in various colours, even pink for the little ladies and dammit i really want to be a kid again.

Check out the price, we think you´ll be surprised.

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