The Never Ending Birthday Card

The Never Ending Birthday CardGot someone you want to annoy, irritate or pay back for pranking you? Have they got a birthday coming up soon? The Never Ending Birthday Card is exactly what you´re looking for. This innocent looking card once extracted from the envelope will play its jingle for 3 straight hours or more until the battery runs out. It´s pretty much indestructable, you can rip it, submerge it in water or set fire to it and the card plays on……..for hours…….until your victim has resorted to smashing his or her head against the wall in desperation. REVENGE!

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Inflatable T-Rex Costume

Inflatable T-Rex CostumeThis is so awesome. The Inflatable T-Rex Costume uses batteries to operate the in built fan and has about a billion hours of fun and entertainment almost guaranteed. If you can´t have fun strolling around in this outfit…´re dead inside. I need this in my life.

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Tactical Bacon

Tactical BaconWe had no idea this stuff existed until today.  This is tinned bacon with a shelf life of ten years or more and can be used by campers, survival specialists, end of the world survivors or anyone caught in the zombie apocalypse. We´d recommend buying it from the USA link as the price in The UK is outrageous.

All we know is…..we need to taste this stuff.

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Scary Shower Curtain

Scary Shower CurtainThe scary shower curtain is ideal for frightening the living cheap nba jerseys crap out Humping of the wife, kids, mother, cleaner or anyone Wars else in your cheap nfl jerseys house who might Sunshine wander into the Costume bathroom and unsuspectingly switch the “Moja light wholesale jerseys on.

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