Huge Giant Oversized Coffee Mug

It´s a coffee mug, it´s Huge, It´s Giant, It´s massively oversized…..It´s FUCKING AWESOME!

Cut your coffee intake down to one cup a day, ask any doctor and he will tell you that´s good news. Just don´t tell the doc that the cup you have is a massive 64 ounces, or 4 Pints, or 1.89 Litres of lovely hot wake up juice. Stay wide awake and get shit done with this gargantuan drinking vessel.

Huge Giant Oversized Coffee Mug
Get Shit Done Fast











It´s a fantastic gift for christmas, birthdays or just a fun surprise for the caffeine addict in your life.

Click on either link below to find out how cheap you can get your hands on one of these, but when you do get hold of it, for gods sake don´t drop it or you´ll flood the whole house!


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