Star Wars Shower Curtains

Star Wars Shower Curtains…..not a phrase you hear every day, but then we´re not an everyday kind of website are we?

So this is what we´ve been up to lately, putting together the ultimate collection of sci-fi based water resistant bathroom drapery for your entertainment. Sadly, we´re not allowed to post any prices here as they can change far too frequently for us to update them, but just click on the UK or USA link near each picture to check the current value of stylishly keeping your bathroom floor dry in todays economy.

We´ll be starting off with Han Solo trapped in a carbonite prison.

Han Solo In Carbonite Shower CurtainHan Solo In Carbonite Shower Curtain Poor Han Solo, not only frozen in carbonite, but unable to get out of the shower… be fair, he´s not as young as he used to be, someone help him for gods sake!

You can make Han yours and keep him in your bath for as long as you want. Get it from UK HERE or from USA HERE.

Next to get the shower treatment….Darth Vader, maybe some of the darkside will come out in the wash.

star wars darth vader shower curtain

You can pick darth up from UK HERE or USA HERE.

You can also find Luke and Leia together in the bathroom! It´s ok though, at this point, he doesn´t know she´s his sister.

Star Wars Luke And Leia Shower Curtain

This pair are available from UK HERE or USA HERE

Gotta have the Star Wars movie poster shower curtain in the collection!

Star Wars movie poster shower curtain

Allow Luke and Leia to maintain the dryness of your bathroom floor. Get it from The UK Here or The USA HERE

YODA! Springing into action.

Star Wars Yoda Shower Curtain

From The UK or From The USA

Let´s get mechanical…hope these guys don´t short circuit in the water. Can´t do a post about Star Wars without mentioning these two.

R2-D2 and C-3PO Star Wars Shower Curtain

R2-D2 and C-3PO getting in on the shower curtain action.

Pick these guys up from UK HERE or USA HERE.

Finally, we´ll finish the collection off with one of the unsung heroes…The Stormtrooper. Poor guys get nothing but bad press, but i´m pretty sure this guy could successfully guard you shower….i mean, that shouldn´t involve any shooting should it?

Star Wars Storm Trooper Shower Curtain

My personal favourite…..Treat yourself to it now……you deserve a new shower curtain….From UK Here or From USA HERE

Sadly we couldn´t find anything cool with Chewbacca….this makes us a little bit sad….Sort it out shower curtain manufacturers!

Hope you liked what we had to show, if you´re looking for shower curtains with a bit more fear don´t forget we did the horror shower curtain collection previously, CHECK IT OUT HERE…..or have another look at the Star Wars  PILLOW CASES HERE.

Thanks for putting up with us our fellow Funny Stuffers….we love you!

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