LED Toilet Bowl Light

Presenting…… LED Toilet Bowl Lights.

Yes, you read that correctly, Toilet Bowl Lights are actually a thing, they exist, and they’re fantastic……Read on…..you know you have to….

So you haven’t got the best house in the neighbourhood, maybe your garden’s a mess too, you don’t make the money the guy next door makes, so it’s hard to make awesome home improvements. Hell, you’d love a Jacuzzi and a swimming pool but the boss aint gonna pay you that much, and you don´t have a garden anyway. Well that has all become irrelevant…because now… YOU CAN HAVE THE COOLEST TOILET ON THE STREET!

LED Toilet Light
LED Toilet Light

Motion sensors activate the lights which have eight different colours guiding you safely to the toilet in the dark. The colours change every 12 seconds or you can set it permanently to the colour of your choosing and when the sensors detect no more motion they switch off.

They fit any type or size of toilet bowl and fix firmly in place. This is the bathroom upgrade you’ve been crying out for and it just might even help you get a girlfriend, no guarantees on that, however.

Where can i buy toilet bowl lights?

Become the envy of your friends for a very low price, click on the links below to check out how little this slice of luxury costs, seriously, it´s astoundingly cheap.  Get your toilet bowl lighting NOW!.

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