Offensive Christmas Cards And Gifts And Stuff

We do like to get the word “Offensive” in whenever and wherever we can at, you may have noticed? Well, christmas is coming and whether you love it or hate it, it´s a fantastic opportunity to offend the ones you love, and errr, the ones you don´t love as much as you´re maybe supposed to. And so, in the hope of spreading some christmas cheer (and we like to think) maybe a seasonal giggle or two, we proudly present our latest feature…..

Offensive Christmas Cards And Gifts…    And Stuff!

Offensive Christmas Cards

Let´s get started with cards, shall we? I mean, cards go out weeks before gifts, so it makes sense we start there, right? Ok, Feast your eyes on this collection of festive filth. We´re showing the full “8 Pack” here, but cards can be bought in 4´s or even seperately if you only have one friend.

Just click on the pictures to go directly to the site we discovered these “christmas crackers” on.

8 Pack Rude Christmas Cards
That´s 8 people offended already!











Words cannot describe my love for these cards and i only hope i have friends who love/hate me enough to send them to me.

Ok, thats covered the first part of the christmas ritual, we´ve insulted our friends (and enemies) with days or even weeks to go, but now we need ideas for presents to hammer home our message of bad tidings on christmas day. This means it´s time for…..


Let´s assume you´ve done the right thing and bought a “Proper” gift for the loved one in question, stocking fillers are the way forward now. It´s kind of like a sneak attack. The victim has unwrapped his or her Ipad or Ferrari (we don´t know your budget) and you´ve been well and truly forgiven for the card you gave them previously, now it´s all about those little extras…..

Perhaps a Teddy Bear? Bit of a bargain at £1195 

Happy Christmas Teddy Bear
Delightful Xmas Teddy Bear!











Or maybe he or she is a tea or coffee lover, in which case may we suggest one of these festive drinking vessels? Only £695 each.

Rude- Olph MugYou´re Not Naughty Or Nice MugSanta Says You´re A CuntHappy Christmas MugNot loving bears or mugs… problem, here´s an absolute game changer….CHOCOLATE!…..That´s right, Offensive Chocolate!

Cunt Bar Chocolate
Say It With Chocolate!



Is there a better way to piss somebody off without them being upset about it? If there is, we don´t know about it. At £2.95 these won´t break the bank and should cause merriment to the lucky recipient and the more you buy, the cheaper they get so you can probably afford to make the whole family chuckle on christmas morning.

Well, that´s all we have for you for the moment, we´d appreciate a share if you like what you see, hell, we´ll take a share even if you don´t like what you see, we´re not fussy.

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Merry Christmas Funny Stuffers!

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