Upside Down Wine Glasses

Dare to be different by drinking your vino from Upside Down Wine Glasses.

“Quirky but cool” is the opinion at Funny Stuff HQ. Holding one of these in your hand gives the illusion that your wine is suspended in mid air and may cause panic to drunken people in your view.

Upside Down Wine Glass
Mystify drunken friends with you powers of boozy magic.

I can only speak for myself on this, but there would be a 90% chance of me getting totalled and forgetting which way up the glass was supposed to be, ending in a wine on floor error, so i guess what i´m trying to say is, stay switched on when using this, the dangers are there for everybody to see. All completely worth it though, to see the most drunken guy or girl in the room attempt to figure out what´s wrong with this picture.

Wouldn´t it be great to have 300 of these at a wedding, put your feet up, sit back and watch the carnage unfold?

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